Fundamentals of Breastfeeding & Sleep

The 1 day Fundamentals of Breastfeeding & Sleep class is held in Washington DC

Breastfeeding and sleep are two of the most commonly talked about and misunderstood aspects of parenting a new baby. This class will give you factual knowledge and practical tools so that you can begin your parenting journey with confidence.

Fundamentals of Breastfeeding and Sleep classes are taught by Kim Hawley
(Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator Counselor, Infant Sleep Educator, MPH, MA)

Price: $200

2019 Schedule:
March 2nd 1pm-5pm
May 4th 1pm-5pm
July 6th 1pm-5pm
September 7th 1pm-5pm
November 3rd 1pm-5pm

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Fundamentals of Breastfeeding…

The best way to have a successful breastfeeding relationship is by preparing during pregnancy. In the first half of this class, you will learn how lactation works, what to expect from your breastfed baby, what is normal, what is abnormal and what to do if problems appear.
Sample of topics covered: Why breastfeeding is important, Anatomy and physiology, Position and latch, Preparing for the first days and weeks, Common challenges, Pumping, Nutrition and medications

Fundamentals of Sleep…

The second half of the class is designed to create healthy expectations and habits surrounding infant sleep. You will learn about normal infant sleep, creating a safe sleep environment, and tools for parenting your baby to sleep.
Sample of topics covered: The connection between, Attachment, brain development and sleep, The science of baby sleep, Sleep patterns, Ensuring safe sleep, Sleep tools, Common challenges

Join a class…

Classes are held in Capitol Hill, Washington DC less than 2 blocks from Stadium Armory Metro.