This 3-hour fun, interactive, hands-on comfort measures class will provide techniques to pregnant women and their partners to prepare them for their upcoming birth. The class is intended for families that are preparing for all kinds of birth; un-medicated, medicated, spontaneous, induction, home, hospital, birth center etc. This class is also ideal for second time families looking for a refresher birth course. You will leave feeling prepared and confident and empowered to navigate your birth!

Located in Alexandria VA at Body in Balance Center 10am-1pm

Investment in the class includes 2 people, a workbook and handouts to use during labor, snacks, virtual birth planning session with your insturctor and unlimited email support before your birth.

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Upcoming Classes:
  • December 7th 2019 10a-1p
  • January 12th 2020 10a-1p
  • February 1st 2020 10a-1p
  • March 28th 2020 10a-1p
  • May 2nd 2020 10a-1p
  • July 25th 2020 10a-1p
  • August 29th 2020 10a-1p
  • October 24th 2020 10a-1p
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  • Time: 10a-1p
  • Cost: $200
  • Location: Body In Balance Center
“The birthing workshop was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone having a baby. There’s so much I didn’t know! Liz is knowledgeable, caring, and funny – we loved her. She offers unbiased information about what to expect at every stage of labor, and helped us to understand all of our options along the way. We now feel empowered to make informed choices that are right for us. Thank you!
using touch for labor
rebozo for labor
belly lift in labor
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You will learn:

*breathing techniques
*relaxation techniques
*how to use a rebozo
*peanut ball
*birth ball
*positions for comfort and progress during labor
*positions for pushing
*practical comfort measures
*partner involvement with use of comfort measures
*massage techniques
*laboring in bed
*laboring at home
*laboring at hospital
*laboring with an epidural
*hydro therapy for comfort
*and so much more!

breathing during labor